About the Project

The Database of Middle English Romance would not have been possible without the generous financial support of the University of York. Chloe Morgan and Catherine Nall served as the principal research assistants for the project, with help from Arlyn Diamond, Cristina Figueredo, Katherine Kim-McLean, Sarah McLoughlin, Rachel Moss, Felicity Riddy, and Wanchen Tai. Pat Gibbs of Heritage Technology designed both the database and its website.

The images used on the website, all taken from manuscripts of Middle English romances, are reproduced with the kind permission of the Bodleian Library (Oxford, Bodleian Library MSS, Ashmole 45, Ashmole 61, Bodley 264, and Douce 261), Lincoln, Cathedral Library (Lincoln, Cathedral Library MS 91), and the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh, NLS, Advocates MS 19.2.1)

Sources of Information

The database has been wholly compiled from published sources, including the most authoritative editions of individual romances as well as catalogues of manuscripts and early printed books. In addition, the following have been indispensable: J. Burke Severs (ed.), A Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1500, vol. 1 (New Haven, 1967) and Gisela Guddat-Figge, Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Middle English Romances (Munich, 1976). All of the plot summaries, however, have been newly written for the database.


The database is for the personal use of students, scholars and the public. All materials, including the plot summaries, are copyrighted. For citational purposes, the name of the database is Database of Middle English Romance and its host institution is the University of York; the url is: http://www.middleenglishromance.org.uk.

Nicola McDonald, 2012.